Astrologer & Intuitive Tarot Reader

With 12 years of experience, Cumulus provides intuitive insight into the birthchart, current astrology transits, and an astrological tarot spread. The unique process serves as a navigational tool, a map of energy that can help transform cycles, clear blockages, and offer direction to personal talents and any areas of life. Repeat clients have cited amazing resonance and are grateful for the inspirational guidance of these customized consultations.

Topics include birth chart characteristics, long term and short term transits, current moon cycles, and notable dates that can be useful in planning. Get insight into things like career changes, partnerships, living situations, areas of healing, and developing your own knowledge in working with astrology+tarot.

For specific times or questions please reach out to Cumulus in advance at

1st Friday of every month,  12pm – 6pm
(Call the store to schedule an appointment)

$30 for a minimum of 15 minutes
$2 per minute after

Payment Method:
Cash and credit is accepted.