Our Readers

Reader rates vary, some take checks or cards. Inquire with the reader for specific details about their rates and payment options. All readers suggest a minimum of 15 minutes or more. Please pay the reader directly.

Andrea Allen

Healing Psychic Medium

H. Byron Ballard

Hillfolks' Hoodoo Practitioner & Intuitive Tarot Reader

Edward Phipps

Intuitive Tarot & Skrye Reader

Jonathan Mote

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Karen Miley

Intuitive Reader

Karen Miley Reader at Raven and Crone Asheville

Lee Ann

Intuitive Astrologer

Pamela Shook

Intuitive Reader

Pamela Shook reader at the Asheville Raven and Crone

Star Bustamonte

Intuitive Reader