Magical Candles

Handmade and hand poured in small batches, Asheville Raven & Crone’s Magical Candles are available in 4 different sizes, tall jar, short jar, traveler tins and tea light. Each Magical Candle is handcrafted, designed, and charged with specific intent and purpose. We use high quality ecologically sustainable soy and palm wax, paper wicks and add magical oils, herbs and of course glitter!

Are you familiar with the natural magic of candle burring? Think of making a wish and blowing out a birthday candle. You have been doing candle magic since your first birthday. Asheville Raven & Crone’s Magical Candles are filled and charged with magic to assist you in your own magical workings.

Candle Selection

• Come to Me
• Dream
• Lovers
• Mercury Retro
• Money Drawing
• Protection
• Reversing

We offer Mugwort, Rue and Vervain Herbal Candles charged with magical oils handmade by Asheville’s Village Witch, Byron Ballard.

As the wheel turns we also feature our seasonal candles. Come in to pick up a Candlemas, Spring, Beltane, Mid Summer, First Harvest, Fall, and Ancestral and Yule candle magically created for each holiday.

We also carry 7 day, Aloha Bay, hand rolled beeswax, Whiteline Beeswax, Crystal Journey, figure and ritual candles.

No online sales. Visit us in person at the shop!