Handcrafted Magical Items

Asheville Raven & Crone offers Astrological Bags, Ritual Bath Kits, Spell Kits and a variety of Magical items handcrafted in store or by local practitioners for your magical needs. We take magic seriously!

All the ingredients you need for performing you own magical workings.

Want to make your own magical products? We have over 100 organic and wild crafted herbs labeled with suggested magical use, black salt, blue balls, stones, cotton bags, locally sourced graveyard dirt, coffin nails. Florida water and various washes, resins and smudge bundles.

Astrological Bags

Each bag contains a vial of oil, stones and herb blend intentionally selected for each astrological sign.

Ritual Bath Kits

Each bath kit contains a vial of oil, stones, herb blend, incense, candle and holder, bath salts, organza bags for steeping and instructions for use.
• Divination
• Goddess
• Love
• Peace and Healing
• Prosperity
• Protection
• Psychic
• Purification

Spell Kits

Each spell kit contains a vial of oil, stones, herb blend, incense, candle and holder, offering, prayer and instructions for use.
• Aphrodite
• Bastet
• Brigid
• Faery
• Freya
• Full Moon
• Hekate
• Isis
• Kwan Yin
• Lilith
• Oshun

Practitioner Made Products

• Protection Salt
• 13 Herb Bath
• Chinese Wash
• Thieves Vinegar
• Boss Fix Oil
• Bewitching Oil
• Oya’s Warrior Goddess Cologne
• Yemanya’s Silver Fish Protection Cologne
• Oshun’s Masterful Seduction Cologne
• Babalu-aye’s Valley of the Shadow of Death Spiritual Cologne

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