Susan Hansen

Psychic Tarot Reader

As long as Susan can remember, she has been a psychic and surrounded by the spirit world. In 1975 Susan made the acquaintance of Rolla Nordic and Lady Rhea. It was then she began reading Tarot professionally at NYC’s Magickal Childe. From there she traveled to Paris reading cards, doing intense research on European witchcraft and organizing Psychic Fairs for fifteen years before creating her own gallery and reading room, Pluto in Leo, in Hobe Sound, FL.
Afterwards moving to Savannah, she established in 2010, her website –, where Susan is available to read cards over the phone every morning. Since newly arriving in April of 2016, Susan has been reading cards and giving Tarot lessons at Asheville’s Raven and Crone. For more information about Susan please contact her website.

Visit her website at:

Saturdays & Sundays – Check store calendar
(Call the store to schedule an appointment)

$40 – 15 minutes

Payment Method:
Cash only.