Mystic South in Atlanta: We will be there!


Join us in Atlanta in July, as we attend and vend at Mystic South. It is a chance to experience the mystical South in all its many amazing forms!  Members of the staff will be at our booth, providing items with the theme of Southern magic and rootwork.  Store manager Lisa Wagoner will be presenting a workshop on building community among solitary practitioners, a subject near and dear to her heart, as she is one of the leaders of the monthly Welcoming Circle at the store.

What is Mystic South? It’s a conference, a reunion, a gathering.  Pagans, Heathens, Witches, conjurors and polytheists are all welcome, as practice, knowledge and energy is shared at this event. The inaugural conference was held in 2017 and was a huge success. There are so many interesting, vendors, workshops, and fellow practitioners to meet. The atmosphere at the hotel is so welcoming and friendly as well.  Plenty to do outside the hotel, but it is hard to leave, with so much going on. Mother Grove Goddess Temple hosted a welcome suite with refreshments, and Raven & Crone provided our teas. Lots of socializing happens, as well as networking, exchanging ideas, and more. The Night Travelers from Georgia will be performing their music this year, and they will be presenting a workshop on Gypsy/Roma Culture and History.

Postcards about the event are available at our store, and via their website:  They also have a Facebook page: Be sure to register if you have interest in attending.  Spots are filling up quickly!  Day passes are also available as well.

We hope you will join us in Atlanta in July! The dates of the conference are July 12-15th.