Smudging or Cleansing by Smoke.

The act of smudging, cleansing by smoke,  is done with a cleansing bundle  (herbs tied in bundles) or a ceramic bowl or abalone shell with herbs directly lit or burned on a charcoal tablet. When using charcoal tablets fill the bowl or shell with sand or stones to prevent overheating the container.

The smoke is “washed” over the person, place or object with a feather or by fanning the smoke with your hand. Below are some of the ways you can use smudging to enhance your rituals or practice. All of these items are in stock at the shop. Stop by Asheville Raven & Crone to check out the assortment and smudging blends that are available in the store.

White Sage is used to bless, cleanse and heal. Sage washes off unwanted influences and negative energies.

Cedar is used to cleanse and protect. Used to bless a home before taking residence.

Sweetgrass attracts positive energy.

Palo Santo Wood is for purifying and cleansing.

Copal is sacred to the native peoples of Mexico and is a gift pleasing to the gods. Black Copal is for exorcism and purification.

Frankincense is used to ease depression and promotes clairvoyance.

Myrrh is used to maintain a state of enlightenment.

Lavender is used to restore balance and create a peaceful atmosphere. Attracts love energy and spirits.

Mugwort banishes evil spirits and stimulates psychic awareness and prophetic dreams.

Juniper is used to purify and create a safe and sacred space.

Rosemary is used to bring clarity to problems.

Sandalwood is used to remove negativity and increase opportunities and bring success.