Using Magick Oils

Often magic oils are used to anoint tools for a magical working or ritual–for instance, candles, amulets, or even your own hands. But you can use magical oils in other ways. They are always a good substitute when you can’t or don’t want to use incense. You can consider them to be petitionary, as incense often is–its scent rises up like a prayer to the aspect of the Divine you are asking for help. Or you can likewise consider it as a kind of sacrifice to that aspect of the Divine.

But another way to use magic oil is as a lens for focusing your energy, will, or magical intention for a specific task. Scent can work on a much deeper level than words, so by means of scent you can dig into much stronger energies than is often possible by using the words of an incantation. You can get to that part of energy which is beyond language, beyond now.

You can do this by wearing the oil either on your skin or on a handkerchief or cotton ball you carry with you. This method can be especially effective, since as you wear it, you will forget about it being there. This should allow you to better tap into your subconscious energy, which can be very powerful. In this way it can act as a sigil does.

You can also use a magical oil as an aid to focus or guide your energy throughout the day. Again, you won’t always be thinking of whatever magical task you want to accomplish, but the scent will be reminding your subconscious and spirit of the work to be done and opening up ways you can accomplish that work and pathways for energy to flow that will help bring that work about.

You can use it as a kind of beacon or guidepost for attracting energy out in the world to you. Probably protective energy is most often appealed to this way, but you can use scent to draw any kind of energy (or for that matter, specific entities). Along the same lines, you can use the scent of magick oils to shape your own spirit. You can use magic oils on others to accomplish a magical task, either through scenting something you give to them and they carry or keep with them or by putting it on their skin. However, do not use magick oils on children or animals, since they are much more sensitive to essential oils than adults are and can be harmed by them even in small amounts.

We make all the oils during a full moon, power them on our store altar, under the correct signs attributing to those powers. Our base carrier is Almond oil and massage oil. If you have peanut allergies please ask for us to make you a blend without that using a different carrier oil. If we are out of something just ask we can if the oil is ready custom bottle it for you.

Blessed be!!