What is an “old age” metaphysical store, exactly?

Blessed Be!

I joined Asheville Raven & Crone back in December, and have so enjoyed getting to know you, our customers!  Whether one visit or regulars, people come into the store for many reasons. I know for myself, it was out of curiosity.  As soon as I stepped over the threshold,  I knew this was a very special place indeed.

Our website states that we are an “old age” metaphysical store.  Wondering where that term came from, I asked store owner Lisa Anderson about the origins.  “Honestly, at first it was humorous,” she said.  “A play on the words new age, because our items are based on the practices of many time periods and centuries.”  Having worked here a few months, I can say we cover a variety of needs, from the basic witchcraft supplies, to hoodoo, voodoo, and items needed for solitary practitioners. Many spiritual practices can be enhanced with our items as well.  Often, people come in with a specific need or request, and we help to provide the items necessary for root workings, spells, charms and mojo bags.

In addition, we provide our own store-made products.  We make our own teas, candles and magical oils.  As well, we provide our own bath salts, protection salts, intent kits, and travel altars.  Lots of care, timing, love and intent are added to our products as we create them.

One final note:  it’s not all about the work.  Other favorite words include “celebrate” and “educate”.  Our calendar is full of both options, including celebrating astrological birthdays, and a variety of workshops that cover many different topics.

We enjoy being part of the community, and are thankful you are part of it! If you have any suggestions, requests, or ideas to share, just let one of our staff members know.   Merry Meet!

Lisa Wagoner

Store Manager